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If I were to ask you to name me a few examples of mass media and new media, what would they be? The internet? Newspaper? Radio?  Or magazine? I believe 99% of you will give the same answers and yes, you are right; they are all part of the media family, but do you know what they do? As a matter of fact, their main function is to “tell”.  Like what we have learned in this week’s lesson, the media  serves the right to transmit messages publicly to reach out to most audiences. Hence today, we will be discussing a few functions of media, specifically the “Powerful effects theory” as well as the “Limited effect theory”.

Starting with the “Powerful effects theory” which is also known to be “Hypodermic Needle Theory”. This theory talks all about the influence of media and how it has such a powerful effect on its audience and their behavior change.

Take a look at this clip on Steve Jobs to have a better understanding.

Just from this clip alone, you can see how the internet has done its job by conveying the news about Steve Job’s death. It was mentioned, just from twitter alone, there were about 10,000 comments and replies relating to the news ever since it was published.

Just like what the “Powerful effect theory” does, (creating a universal effect on all audience) this sad news about Steve Jobs’ death had stirred a lot of emotions. Quoting from one the interviewee, he said “no matter what form they are in, everyone is feeling a tremendous lost”. This suggest the influence of media and how it has made everyone equally upset.

However, along with the “Powerful effect theory”, “the limited effect theory” applies to many media messages as well.  As the name suggest, the “Limited effect theory” talks about the limited media influence some messages has over its audience’s thoughts and actions. One good website to justify this statement is “youtube”.

Take this clip for example:

After watching this clip, I believe many of you might be still laughing at her comments. Just to give a little background information; this woman is called Glozell and she likes to critic songs and make fun out of them during her free time. In the limited effects theory, she falls under the diversion aspect. If you were to have a look at her videos, she often seeks for media therapy. Hence as her audience, you will be seeking for entertainment more than anything else.

Due to her videos being only a fraction of the total amount of videos being critic-ed, the impact/influence will not be huge on her audience (other than Bruno Mars’ fans).

So as you can see, different people/associations apply different theories to convey their messages. Due to their different purposes, some message might be more powerful and hence will have more effect on its audience.  Knowing these two media theories and its effect can be interesting to analyse how people evaluate  information.

Based on this, are you able to point out which form of mass media or new media uses the powerful effect theory now?


15 thoughts on “The Media

  1. Nana says:

    I definitely knew that media were made to ‘tell’ but totally didn’t know that there were different theories behind them!! Really interesting to how they are made to influence and trigger emotions to the audiences whether young or old. And totally agree to different purposes of a video will have different impact on its audience – steve jobs video leaves a deeper and emotional impact than the glozell video in which I personally would laugh and forget after awhile. Nice sharing there 🙂

    • jacqchin says:

      Thank you for your comment. Yes, there are many theories behind the intention to tell and what i have listed are just a few. All in all, these messages are created to influence and entertain. Hence, some of them should be more heavily emphasized whereas some should just be taken lightly. Once again, thanks for your input.

  2. Zhong yi says:

    Hahhaha, nice video you have you have put up. Glozell is definitely one of the many funny entertainers. Though i may not be very familiar with the various theories you have raised, I roughly understand the differences you have tried to put across; one which has a huge impact on the general public and another which has only limited impact. I guess this varies depending on the seriousness of the issue as well. Don’t you think so? 🙂

    • jacqchin says:

      Thank you for your comment. Yes definitely, the passing of such a influential figure is indeed a emotional news and therefore it has such a huge impact on the public! Anyway, I hope you have learn some of the new theories which I have raised regarding “media-telling”! 🙂

  3. diannetan says:

    The video is funny! love the way how she ‘critise’ bruno mars. Interesting post to show how mass media can vary in its way to reach out to the different audiences.

    • jacqchin says:

      Thank you for your comment. hahah, it is funny isn’t it?! I love the video too! & yes, I believe every video has its own audience/viewers but it varies according to interest as well. Don’t you think?! 🙂

  4. xepthrichros says:

    Hey, I thought this was an interesting example of powerful effects and limited effects theories. For me though, I think the way to illustrate those theories is to look at statistics and see how the media affect behavior, and then use the theory to explain the phenomenon. An example of media expressing powerful effects would be the ‘occupy’ movement. I believe this is one of the powerful effects of the new media, internet. As for limited effects theory, I would think shooting games can be a something that illustrates it . Many say that shooting games are the cause of the increase of shooting cases, so that shows it has some effect, but I say it’s only limited because it’s not like 100% of everyone who plays a FPS(first person shooter) will take up his household weapon and go out and kill people, it’s only a minority, albeit growing one.

    • jacqchin says:

      Thank you for your comment. No doubt, looking at the statistics, one can also be able to identify the impacts of media on one’s behaviour. However, I thought it will be interesting to show these 2 videos and how they differ in terms of influence. But nevertheless, thanks for example! You have quite a detailed analysis there too! 🙂

  5. Faye says:

    Hi, this is a comment.

    I LOVE GLOZELL HAHAHAHAH OMG SO FUNNY THIS COMPLETELY PERKED ME UP. Thanks Jacq 😀 The media can be such a wonderful platform to communicate your ideas and opinions to the masses. The influence the media has on any message is greater than you’d imagine and we should really be mindful of that.

    • jacqchin says:

      Thank you for your comment. hahah I believe many people who watched the video would love her as much as I do too! hahaha. Indeed, we should be mindful of the influence of media, afterall we have learned the effects of non-verbal and verbal cues right?! 🙂

  6. Gdine Chin says:

    Wow, the different theories “Powerful effect theory”, “the limited effect theory” of the media are interesting to know! When the legendary Steve Job died, twitter almost crash (aka fail whale) too as it was a trending topic for the whole day. (If I am not wrong, for it to be a trending topic, it has to be about 10k tweets on it per second?) News spread on media platforms are indeed the fastest and most influential. It is often thought-provoking and will leave the consumer affected in one way or another.

    • jacqchin says:

      Thank you for your comment. Wow, i didn’t know that fact but thanks for the example! As you have observed for yourself, the impact and effects of media can be so drastic therefore one should be mindful of what the post up on any media platforms too! 🙂

  7. zwaniee says:

    I would say that some of the people use the internet to get famous! haha. We can see this from the rise of Justin Bieber. He’s famous, don’t deny it, it’s whether you are into him or not. But there’s a growing trend where musical talents are being scouted online through media such as YouTube and Myspace. Thus, it is much easier for the people to showcase their talents and be scouted at the same time, killing two birds with one stone. And your videos will either get liked or hated. Either way, you have managed to communicate with the rest of the world on a media platform.

  8. Chloe says:

    Mass media is indeed quite influential! I remember first hearing the news just hours after Steve Jobs passed away. From then on, the news spread very quickly and widely, and was all over the Internet, print media, and social media platforms up to days after his death. This is a true testament to the power of the media in this day (:
    The video clip is really amusing! I agree with what you said, people who watch Glozell’s videos would be watching it purely for entertainment, and would be discerning enough to know not to take it seriously.

  9. khanglipp says:

    The influence of mass media in today’s society is really huge. As aforementioned by Chloe, someone’s influential passing away can be spread across the world within minutes, and that’s how powerful the Internet has become in today’s society.

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