The Individualist!

How far would you go to provide good service? Or is it just a company’s culture? In this week’s lesson, we touched on both “Models of Group Development as well as “Intercultural Communication”. So today, we are going to look at how these two topics have an impact on each other.

Just this morning, I was browsing through The Straits Times and I stumbled upon the “Everyday Heroes” section only to discover a true story of an individualist! (For those who are still unsure of what an individualist is, they are actually people who are not afraid of breaking the company’s traditions by setting their own goals and working towards them.) Today’s hero was none other than Mr Anand Sivapiragasam, the postman who has been awarded the Postman of the Year by Singpost.

Being in the service line for more than 10 years, Mr Anand Sivapiragasam has never been lazy. In and out everyday, he does his rightful duties as a postman. He is responsible and his efforts of delivering are often being commended. In fact, he’s regarded as more than just a postman in the neighborhood. He seemed more like part of them. He often helped them in times of needy and unlike the others, Mr Anand was thoughtful in his own ways. Recognizing his daily routine, he would often try to minimize the hassle of his customers collecting their parcels from the post office. By doing so, he will only drop by those who are available and go the extra mile and send the rest at another timing. On rainy days too, he will also make sure that he has plastic bags carried around with him to prevent his mails from getting wet. His loyal dedication and efforts has indeed earned him a lot of respect throughout the years.

Now, let’s sidetrack a little and think through; when was the last time you actually experienced such personalize service from a postman? And what exactly is the job scope of a postman? Do you know?

Thinking of all these questions have convinced me even more on how dedicated Mr Anand is, to his job. It is clear to me that he and his team has grasped its group needs very well in terms of recognizing their group goals and building on each others’ strengths.  Not only that, I can see that he has developed the company’s culture very well and at the same time, has also slowly formed a culture of his own, based on his own efforts and initiatives. This shows good intercultural communication. Unlike collectivist who often seeks for conformity, Mr Anand has his goals to motivate him.

Through this article, we can also witness how both the “Model of group development” and the “Intercultural Communication” are dependent on each other. Without good group development, a lot of confusion and tension will arise hence leading to poor intercultural communication. Therefore, a good group development is always essential.


16 thoughts on “The Individualist!

  1. Liangyu says:

    Singapore really need more people like him! They are really hard to come by! I always feel that going the extra mile is really courageous, its like one in i don’t know how many people will only do that. Especially in a fast paced society, people tend to think of themselves only.
    I am really proud of those wonderful heroes out there, giving wonderful services and they should be given more recognition. Kindness should be passed on!
    I am happy to see such a post!!

    • jacqchin says:

      Thank you for your comment. Indeed, such people are really hard to find these days. Especially when the expectations of service gets higher and higher and the appreciation from the receivers decreases over time. His ways have definitely inspired me and I hope i can be like him (an inspiration) in the near future.

  2. Nana says:

    It’s always easy to just do the tasks within your job scope, but to put in extra effort in what you do to make a difference, even how small it is..ain’t easy, speaking from being in a customer service industry before. Bravo to the postman for making such efforts, though many of us do take for granted such services when its so essential when we buy online products (e.g. clothess..right ladiesss? :P), or send some important parcel to someone…. and didn’t get it in time, won’t that be quite frustrating? esp when Singaporeans are always rushing around and trying to be on time for everything, we can’t accept such happenings and even start to complain. Thank you for reminding me to be grateful and appreciative 🙂

    • jacqchin says:

      Thank you for your comment. Indeed, sometimes, going the extra mile isn’t as easy as it sound. Not forgetting he has to abide by all the norms within the company as well. The fact that despite all these, he was still able to stand out among the rest, really showed his perseverance and capabilities. Therefore, without a doubt, I also feel that he deserves to be praised.

  3. Chloe says:

    Hi Jacq! ^^ I think what Mr Anand does for his customers is really impressive and commendable. After reading your post, I tried recalling a time when I’ve witnessed a postman or anyone else working in the service sector go out of his or her way for customers, and sadly, I could think of none! Singapore’s service industry definitely needs more people like him (:

    • jacqchin says:

      Thank you for your comment. I was just like you when I first read this article. I was really impressed and inspired by Mr Anand’s good works. Sure, our society need more people like him. But then again, I guess we all need to learn how to be more appreciative too! Lets start together okay?! 🙂

  4. Zhong yi says:

    I’ve read that article too! It’s so heartwarming hear about such awesome people, and also glad that these people’s good deeds are brought to light.. I’m sure all those residents who are served by him before would appreciate him as their postman even more! 😀 great post!

  5. diannetan says:

    Wow! I never knew that there was such a topic. Today’s hero is really awesome, and I feel that if Singapore have more people like him, Singapore will be a much much much better place to live in. I agree with you that the “Model of group development” and the “Intercultural Communication” are dependent on each other. IWithout these two, we will face intercultural communication.

    • jacqchin says:

      Thank you for your comment. It is awesome to know isn’t it? Hopefully more and more people will be inspired by him or at least be one who is not afraid to stand out. 🙂

  6. syiq says:

    hey! the service industry is never easy, and i’m sure his job is actually very tiring. but to see how he goes through so much just to make others happy is truly heartwarming. hopefully, his culture of work would influence others in the service industry and singapore would be a much happier environment to work in.

  7. xepthrichros says:

    Hi jacq, I think this is postman is quite commendable; it really isn’t every day that you see people going beyond their call of duty, to the second mile and provide a service that is better than normal. I think Singapore needs more individualists like him… such that it is no longer just an individual who is excellent, but a culture of excellence.

  8. Gdine Chin says:

    It’s heartwarming to read know such a postman exist in Singapore. 🙂 Service line is one of the most difficult as you have to handle problematic customers from time to time, it is difficult for the service people to even stay sane sometimes, furthermore going the extra mile. This post man is definitely praiseworthy that he even goes the extra mile to make his customers smile. Remarkable!

  9. zwaniee says:

    I believe that a person who envelopes his or her job and does it well deserves to be respected no matter what job they hold. It is not easy to love your job and to go an extra mile for a person. So I would applaud Mr Anand for his astounding contribution. And we really do need more people like him, who would give back to the society with passion, be it a postman or even an entrepreneur.

  10. beatricehua says:

    Another interesting article! 🙂

    Mr Anand Sivapiragasam’s attitude is really commendable 🙂 So many people are just doing their jobs for the sake of money and it becomes a chore because they don’t enjoy it at all. It’s really inspiring to see how one can be so motivated even when it involves running around Singapore, braving the rain and sun to deliver our post to us. I think we really have a lot to learn from him.

    I agree with you that good group development is really crucial. I think it makes Mr Anand Sivapiragasam’s job much easier when he can rely more on his group of colleagues to split the work and provide great service for all Singaporeans.

    thanks for bringing this article up!

  11. zaffy says:

    this mr anand certainly deserves a pat on the back, and it’s good that he got the recognition he deserves. he has actually set the bar up high in his company, and his actions have surely inspired his colleagues – bringing about a whole new working culture.

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